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Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and several social networking accounts. However, for companies and individual businesses, having a “website” and building your own home on the Internet, is the most effective and accurate way to communicate what services you offer to your customers who need those services.

Koskimaki Web Solutions handles everything from planning to design and production. Analyzing how to improve the user experience and build an effective website from the customer’s point of view is essential. I will work with you to create a better future through website development.

Website Design & Development

Want to create a new website or renew your existing one? I organize the information you want to put on your website and the information your customers need. My strength is building websites that are easy for everyone to understand.

What’s included?

  • Planning, Design, Development, After support, Basic SEO, and Server Settings
  • Please provide the photos and text on your own. Of course, I will work on planning the content together with you.

General Websites

A general website package for companies, stores, restaurants, and any businesses.

The website will be developed with WordPress, and it includes posting functions, a contact form, SNS integration, etc.

Starting at $1,600

Landing Page

A minimum “One-page” website for a special campaign, or small business.

The website will be developed with WordPress or other web services, and it includes a contact form.

Starting at $800


Want to sell items/services online? I can open your online store.

The website will be developed with Shopify, and it includes posting functions and a contact form.

Starting at $1,800

Personal Blog

Opening a blog site may be easy, but customizing it may need the Web ninja’s assistance.

The website will be developed with WordPress, and it includes posting functions and a contact form.

Starting at $600

* Prices vary depending on the amount of content and number of pages. Server fees are not included. Please contact me to get a quote.

Website Customization

You already have a brilliant website, but want to add new content or functions?
I can customize your website at a minimum cost in a minimal time.

What can be done?

  • Smartphone/Tablet view
  • New functions/Contents
  • Maintenance

Other Web Related Services

If you have any other web related issues, feel free to consult me.

What can be done?

  • Translation
  • Basic SEO
  • Server settings

Let's Roll on

Are you ready to get into the Web world with me?
Feel free to reach out for a free consultation.


Feel free to contact me for a free consultation and quote. I will get back to you within one business day.

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