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This website was built for Takamix Hair, a mobile hairdresser based in Vancouver, BC,  Canada.

The client wanted a website that would serve as her business card. As she had a small budget, I proposed using STUDIO, a non-code web development system. STUDIO does not require any server costs, and I was able to deliver the website a lot earlier and at a much lower cost compared to the traditional designing and coding method.

The client especially wanted to show the price list, so I focused on designing an easy-to-understand price list that could be printed and used to show her clients. The target audience is mainly women, and since she also provides hair and makeup services for weddings, I created a design that would bring warm and happy feelings to the users. Since the client wanted a retro and classic theme, I chose the color scheme and font that would express her warmth and glamour.

Takamix Hair Website PC English
Takamix Hair Website SP English

From the Client

” Since the website opened, I have gained a lot of new customers and actually have become very busy! Now I can show my clients what I offer very clearly, and my clients can contact me easily. I really appreciate Noriko for expanding my business.”


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